Save the Date!

Please join us for the last in the year's series of provocative discussions on progress toward a more sustainable future.

Thursday, November 30th - New Energy in Action.

The rapidly falling prices of wind and solar energy systems are challenging the costs of older fossil fuel and hydro technologies. Are we at the beginning of a revolution in energy production that promises a cleaner, cheaper future?

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Who are the Suzuki Elders?

membershipbannerThe Suzuki Elders are a voluntary association of self-identified elders working with and through the David Suzuki Foundation. We bring our voices, experiences and memories to mentor, motivate and support other elders and younger generations in dialogue and action on environmental issues. Suzuki Elders listen, learn, share and act through educating, communicating, connecting and non-partisan advocacy.  We welcome new members.

We are about 120 members, mostly from Vancouver, British Columbia and environs, who share both passion and concern for our environment.  We contribute to various working groups and connect through blog posts, public meetings, and Facebook.  You can learn more about our goals and activities by reading our FAQs and by clicking on items under About Us.