Earth Personified

This poem was inspired by a serious problem – climate change.

Humans are wired to create this problem, but not for solving it. We express concern about climate change, yet find it difficult to motivate effective action which would bring us relief from that anxiety.

We are wired to react by reflex to protect our children from harm, but we treat the climate danger intellectually, not emotionally.  We instinctively know the connection between climate change and ourselves, yet we don’t feel it. Our reaction to the Ebola virus is visceral and the threat visual enough for us to generate a response, but climate change simply leaves us numb.

A useful response seems to demand a kind of love which is hard to come by.


What if the Earth had big, brown eyes—
Would we love her then?
What if the Earth were three feet tall,
         a warm furry ball
         a nightingale call—
Would we love her then?
What if the Earth smelled all milky and musk?
What if her shape were an elephant’s tusk?
What if she rhymed with birth, mirth and nourish?
What if you saw her, and found raw courage?
Would we love her then?


Fire, Air, Earth and Water
Sister, Lover, Mother, Daughter
Help us heal our home with laughter
Sing her praises to the rafter!


[First posted by Karl Perrin on August 17, 2014]

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