How can I join the Suzuki Elders? If you agree with the values expressed in the Declaration of Interdependence and in our Constitution, fill in the membership application form and send it to us.   All applications are approved and voted at the monthly meeting of the Suzuki Elder Council. 

How old should I be to join? We consider all ages, although most of our members are close to, at, or beyond “official” retirement age.

How do I become a member of the Suzuki Elder Council?  First, join the Suzuki Elders, as above. We ask for nominations for Council members three months before the annual meeting, and vote at the annual meeting of our membership.

What is the environmental focus for the Suzuki Elders? Climate change has been an important focus for the Elders this year. However, Suzuki Elders support other issues – and we usually decide his through our annual strategic planning process.

Is a Suzuki Elder expected to donate to the DSF? We do not solicit donations. Of course, you are free to donate to the DSF and you can even designate funds to the work of the Suzuki Elders.

Do elders do more than sit around and tell each other stories? Hey, story telling is important, and yes, we have groups of elders interested in action and events. See our working group reports.

Can you help me promote my project? Like the David Suzuki Foundation, the Suzuki Elders do not endorse other projects or programs, although we often provide information and links to groups doing work of direct interest to the Suzuki Elders.

Do you hold an Annual General Meeting?  Yes – usually in the spring of each year.

Can you provide a link from your web site to my environmental website? Typically no, we don’t have links to websites, other than the David Suzuki Foundation.  

How much time is involved in being a Suzuki Elder? It’s your choice. We have an annual meeting and a gathering or two during the year. We have three or four committees that meet monthly. Some elders work from home, submitting articles to the blog or Google Group. Some members are voted to Council and attend monthly meetings in addition to working group meetings.

Where do you hold your regular meetings? Council meetings are held at the David Suzuki Foundation office at 2211 West 4th Ave., Suite 219 in Vancouver. Some of our working groups also meet there, although this is flexible.

What is the relation between the David Suzuki Foundation and the Suzuki Elders?  The Suzuki Elders work as volunteers with and through the David Suzuki Foundation, specifically as part of the Communications and Public Engagement division.